Fit&Easy products 

    Fit&Easy products combine different types, flavours and shapes of lettuce. They are the perfect base for cold and hot dishes, and they can be served with dressings or seasonal vegetables. The product range consists of lettuce mixes, as well as mono-products, such as rucola, lamb’s lettuce, spinach, and ready, lunch-box-type, salads.


    1. Fit&Easy Super Cocktail Green Grammage 180g
    2. Fit&Easy Super Cokctail Red Grammage 400g
    Lettuce mixes
    1. Active Mini Duopack Salad Grammage 2x50g
    2. Fit&Easy Smart Grammage 140g
    3. Fit&Easy Cool  Grammage 140g
    4. Fit&Easy Active Grammage 180g
    5. Fit&Easy Party Grammage 180g
    6. Fit&Easy Family  Grammage 250g
    7. Fit&Easy Weekend Grammage 150g
    Mono products
    1. Fit&Easy Kale Grammage 200g
    2. Fit&Easy Spinach Grammage 200g
    3. Fit&Easy Corn Salad Grammage 100g
    4. Fit&Easy Rocket Grammage 85g
    Ready salads
    1. Greek salad Grammage 165g
    2. Caesar salad Grammage 180g
    3. Salad with Tuna Grammage 180g
    4. Salad with Rocket and Mozarella Cheese Grammage 185g
    Vegetable pasta
    1. Fit&Easy Beetroot spaghetti Grammage 300g
    2. Fit&Easy Carrot spaghetti Gramatura 300g
    3. Fit&Easy Beetroot tagliatelle Grammage 300g
    4. Fit&Easy Carrot tagliatelle Grammage 300g

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